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Workforce & Key Sectors

Ladysmith offers business owners and investors a highly-educated labour pool. Our economy is service-oriented with a significant goods-producing sector. We have many small and home-based businesses.
Workforce & Key Sectors

Education Levels in the Community

More than 60% of our population aged 25-64 years has a post-secondary diploma, degree or certificate.

Workforce & Key Sectors

Ladysmith Employment Sectors

Nearly half of our workforce can be found in three main areas of employment:
- Sales and service: 19%
- Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations: 14%
- Business, finance and administration: 12%

Workforce & Key Sectors

Key Employers and Economic Sectors

Our major employers are in forestry, retail, financial services and seafood processing. Marine and tourism services are also key sectors. In 2018 Ladysmith had 508 active business licenses. (You can review current licenses by type of business or name of business.) Home-based businesses are an important part of the local economy and our regulations provide more opportunity for them. We can allow accessory buildings and multiple businesses per property.